Types of Food Grinding 101

When it comes to food grinding, there are dozens of different methods to choose from, and dozens of food grinding machines to do it on. Whether you’re grinding material for food production or preparing ingredients, these types of food grinding are most

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What is the Role of Size Reduction in Food Processing

If you’ve ever thought about food processing, you’ve probably considered food size reduction equipment. While it doesn’t get nearly as much recognition as it deserves, food size reduction equipment plays a critical role in food processing of all

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How Long Does Liquid Extraction Equipment Last?

Companies that create fruit or vegetable juices need liquid extraction equipment. Liquid extraction equipment recovers valuable soluble compounds from raw materials and makes it possible for these components to be separated and recovered from the liquid.

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What is “Comminution?”

In the food processing industry you’ll often hear the term size reduction. But how does one exactly define that? This article seeks to introduce you to a term called comminution; an excellent term that’s highly under-utilized in the industry. Comminution

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6 Essential Pieces of Fruit Juice Processing Equipment

In recent years, the global juice market has blown up to claim a significant share of the beverage industry. In 2019, revenues in the juices segment are projected to reach upwards of $3 billion.   There are currently about 6,000 companies producing

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Introduction to Industrial Food Processors

If you run a business that requires you to chop, grind, pulverize, or puree food to make products, you’re probably familiar with industrial food grinders and other size reduction equipment. Designed to facilitate heavy vegetable prep (while also making

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