Crusher Details

Originally developed as a melon crusher, this machine has evolved over the years as our product line and customer base has changed. It is now almost exclusively used for milling frozen products in buckets and drums, and recently, wheels of cheese.

The concept is simple. Product is fed from the top using a gravity feed chute. It then enters the milling chamber where the high torque main shaft pulls the product through a comb, which reduces it to fist size or smaller pieces on the C15, and slabs that are no larger than a football on the C24. These chunks can then be fed into a mixer or a secondary milling operation for further reduction.

Typically, this machine is sold as a companion item for a Gravity Fed Disintegrator.

Crusher Specifications

  • 3 sizes available: C12, C15 and C24
  • OSHA safe 32″ tall inlets
  • Designed to mate with Corenco M12, M15, and M18 disintegrators
  • All T304 stainless steel construction
  • 7.5 to 12.5 horsepower, Washdown Duty motors, NEMA 4 gearmotors
  • The C24 is designed to accept 55 gallon drums of frozen puree