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Angle Disintegrators

These versatile, gravity-fed mills are known for their durability and flexibility in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. There are seven models to choose from, from 5HP to 75HP, with and without controls.

Products range from whole fruits and vegetables, to cooked meats, to frozen chunks of material, to slurries and dry solids reduction.

Applications include extraction industries (juice, oils and by-products), de-agglomeration, granulation, and finishing. Please inquire for specific performance and price information.

M12A Angle Disintegrator
M15 Screw-Fed Disintegrator

Screw-Fed Disintegrators

Our screw-fed machines are used in situations where the in-feed material is sticky or difficult to “gravity convey”.

These mills were developed specifically for handling leafy green vegetables, but have also proved useful in processing products that are larger than the standard in-feed particle sizes allowable for gravity fed mills; i.e., whole melons, cabbages, clumps of ginger, and squash.

Applications for screw-fed mills are primarily in the fresh juice industry, but we are exploring other industries.

Pump Fed Disintegrators

These mills are primarily used for finishing of pumpable liquids. There are two models with two different horsepowers available for each.

These machines are compact, robust, and CIP-able. Please inquire for specific performance and price information.

C24 Crusher


Supplied with a heavy duty gear drive, our crushers are used to break apart bulk frozen materials: blocks, pails, containers, all the way to 55 gallon drums.

There are two models in current production, the C15 and the C24. Please inquire for specific performance and price information.

S15 Shredder

The S15 Shredder was originally developed for shredding 40 pound blocks of cheese into pizza toppings. It has been successfully used for shredding blocks of frozen material prior to freeze-drying.

One model is available in manual, semi-auto, and fully automatic controls. It will handle blocks with dimensions of up to 11 x 11 x 17” (280 x 280 x 430mm).

S15 Shredder