Industrial food grinders – there’s a lot of confusion around these unique pieces of equipment. Specifically, many people don’t understand what they are and what they’re not, and how to tell whether using one would benefit an organization. This is especially true for organizations that have since relied on batch equipment, and aren’t sure when they should make the switch to industrial machinery. 

With that in mind, we’re going to spend this blog talking about what commercial food grinders are and what they’re not, and how to decide when you need to purchase one. 

What an Industrial Grinder is Not

Grinder machine grinding meatAn industrial food grinder is not a piece of equipment used for short-batch processes that are manually intensive. You would not find one in the home kitchen, for example. These are large, industrial-grade pieces of machinery that deliver output and uniformity. 

As a general rule, these grinders tend to exist in highly automated and controlled processes. They’re popular in settings where companies are trying to create uniform products in uniform batches. This makes them perfect for commercial food production, for example. They’re also a popular go-to in the world of continuous processing, where they stand to enhance productivity

While not everyone needs an industrial grinder, most operations reach a point where their old batch-style machines can’t keep up, so they decide to introduce some more powerful equipment. 

When to Invest in an Industrial Grinder for Your Operation

How do you know when it’s time to purchase an industrial grinder? How can you tell when this equipment would benefit your organization? Here are a few signs it’s time to make the change:

  • You’re running multiple commercial pieces of equipment. If you want to consolidate your size reduction operation, adding a single commercial food grinder can be a great option. In many cases, this industrial system does the job of several pieces of equipment in one. By improving the versatility of your operation, you stand to save time, money, and effort.
  • You’re wearing out your commercial equipment and have begun buying more batch-style equipment. Batch-style food processing equipment is an excellent option, up to a point. Eventually, however, most commercial food production operations start to outgrow their batch equipment. When you realize you’ve started adding additional equipment to meet production requirements, it’s a great time to add an industrial grinder. Adding industrial equipment, rather than duplicating your existing batch equipment, will help level up your output, while also mitigating issues like a lack of uniformity.
  • Your rate is too slow. If you need to go from hundreds of pounds of production an hour to thousands of pounds of production an hour, it’s time to invest in an industrial food grinder. Not only will this machine increase your output, but it will result in a higher-quality product that can also increase your sales.
  • You need more sanitary equipment. Sanitation is an ongoing concern in the food processing industry. If you need more sanitary food production equipment, an industrial grinder is a great option. Designed not only for efficiency but also for sanitation and ease of use, these pieces of equipment make compliance easy.
  • You need a higher quality product. Industrial grinders can enhance the quality of your product and generate more sales for your company. This, in turn, builds your bottom line and makes it easier to grow your operation accordingly. 

Choosing the Right Industrial Grinder for Your Needs

If you’re going to invest in an industrial grinder, quality is essential. After all, the point of an industrial mill is to streamline and simplify your operations. You don’t want a piece of machinery that’s going to break down or require lots of expensive upkeep. 

Additionally, the size and variety of grinder you choose will depend on the ingredients your operation processes, and what you want to achieve in terms of output. While many people believe bigger is better, a too-large grinder will be just as problematic as one that’s too small for your operation to use effectively. 

As such, it’s smart to work with a company that has a reputation for producing high-quality commercial grinders and industrial food processing equipment. That’s where Corenco comes in. Since every company’s food production equipment needs are different, our customized service is here to help you find the option that works best for you.

Contact us today to learn more about our equipment, or to speak with a skilled tech who can help you find the perfect piece of equipment for you.